How To - DHL Postfiliale/ Packstation Lieferung

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German customers can have their order delivered at a DHL Postfiliale/Paketshop or a DHL Packstation.
Here’s a brief explanation how to provide the necessary information if you wish to pick up a parcel at a nearby DHL pick up lokation.


DHL Postfiliale/ Paketshop Lieferung instruction


First select your DHL Postfiliale. You can find a DHL Postfiliale/ Paketshop at the DHL website: DHL - Postfiliale


We will also be needing your ‘PostNummer’. If you don’t have a PostNummer yet, you can get one at DHL– PostNummer Anmelden


Go back to the “Address” form in the check-out, select “Enter a separate delivery address” and fill out the form like in our example.






Pick Up at a DHL Packstation


The way to provide information for a Packstation Lieferung is about the same. Only difference is you’ll need to specify “Packstation” in the address field.