About Us

About Us


Outdoorbrands is an online shop, founded in the Netherlands in 2011, offering high quality performance outdoor apparel. We offer only a small number of brands which we selected for good reasons. All our choices have the same foundation and we would like to share that foundation with you.

Note: for our identity, please check Article 2 of the Terms & Conditions section.


1. Conscious choices for brands

Outdoor apparel needs to be beautiful, functional and comfortable. At the same time, we find it equally important that apparel and clothes are not produced hurting people, nature or the environment. Because of this, we offer brands that use natural, hard-wearing materials and/or environmental friendly ways of productions as much as possible. Also, we guarantee that these brands and products are made without child labour, under safe and hygienic working conditions, that human rights are respected at all times, i.e. no exploitation, discrimination etc. and with respect for animal welfare.


2. Carbon offset

The products that you buy at Outdoorbrands you purchase with a   zero carbon footprint This means that we have offset the carbon emission that comes with the production and transport of your item or items; we do this by participating in windfarm Noorderwind BV with 4 Vestas V80 2 MW wind turbines in line in the municipality of Dronten, in Flevoland, the Netherlands. 


3. Reliability

Reliability means that you buy something safely; to this effect, we outsource the handling of payments to DocData Payments BV. They are under supervision of and are permitted by the Dutch Central Bank to act as a payment provider. Furthermore, they meet the highest demands that Visa Card and Master Card set for the handling of safe payment transactions.


Reliability also means that you order something with a company that keeps agreements. Outdoorbrands is a connected, acknowledged and certified member of the Dutch Home shopping “'Thuiswinkel”' organization. There is no better warranty in the Netherlands; only the Dutch Home Shopping organization has a commission that can impose on connected members (read: online shops) a binding decision on how to solve a dispute.


4. Satisfied customers

When you’re satisfied, we’ve done a good job. We want you to feel good about Outdoorbrands, about what we stand for and of course about the items you bought.


5. Freedom of choice for our customers

We offer a variety of brands and products, but also a choice in the manner of payment and delivery. We know our customers find this important and that they value this freedom of choice.