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The outdoor clothing Outdoorbrands offer is designed for durability. It is still possible that something went wrong during production and that the purchased items do not fully meet reasonable expectations. These are unfortunate situations and we will try our best to assist you if this should happen to you.  


Legal warranty

It is reassuring to know that consumers are protected by Dutch law. Please note: this covers our foreign customers as well. This means that items you purchased have to meet reasonable expectations. In our case that a waterproof jacket is waterproof indeed, that a softshell actually is windproof, that seams hold for a reasonable amount of time, etc.

For more information and questions and answers regarding legal warranty, we refer you to the website of the Dutch Consumers' Association (Nederlandse Consumentenbond).


Additional warranty

In addition to the legal warranty, there is the possibility to call upon a manufacturers warranty or fair business scheme. We are happy to help you with that, if necessary. Send us an email at   with a description of the fault and possibly one or more pictures of the item that clearly show the fault, and we will forward this to the manufacturer. We will inform you if repairs are possible but not free of charge, so you know what to expect.