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Frequently asked questions


I want to order something; what do I have to pay?


The article(s) in our online shop are stated with prices inclusive 21% VAT (legal determined VAT-percentage in the Netherlands). For fiscal and administrative reasons it is not possible to order article(s) exclusive VAT within Europe.


As of 1 July 2021 – following the EU-Council VAT E-commerce Directives 2017/2455 & 2019/1995 – customers from EU member states are charged with the standard VAT rate of their country. You’ll see the VAT amendment at the checkout. The VAT amount that you pay is returned by us i.e by the Dutch Tax Authority to your country / the Tax Authority in your country of residence.


We distinguish between different regions for shipping costs. For more info, please check our section on Shipping section.


If you have a different question for us, just let us know preferably by email and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.


I have seen something that I would like to order, but my size is not available for ordering. How do I find out if the size I would like to order is available (again)?


When you’ve found something you like that is out of stock we are happy to be of service to check if the item is still available for ordering with our suppliers, so that we can reorder. The best way is to email our customer service and explain which item, color and size you wish to order. If it is possible to reorder the article, you need to consider that the delivery time can be a little longer than normal.


When an article is not in stock and is on my request reordered for me, do I keep the right to withdraw from the purchase?


Yes, you can withdraw from a purchase also when an article is delivered on demand. If we offer it in our online shop you can order it and if needed return it. Keep in mind that the costs for returning the article(s) will not be refunded.


Is it also possible that I let my order be delivered by a different courier because I have better experiences with them?


Basically, that is not a problem. We have contracts with PostNL and DHL but we don’t have solid contracts with other courier service provider. This means that postage from a different courier service that’s charged to us, will be charged to you in full.


What happens when during transportation something happens to my order? Do I need to insure it?


It is not necessary to insure your order. All orders that we sent internationally are standard insured up until € 500,-. If necessary we shall sent an order with an invoice sum above € 500,- in 2 separate parts, so that the shipment stays insured. In the unhappy event that the package is severely damaged at delivery, we do advise you to not accept it.


The fact is that when articles are damaged (or used) one consequently loses his/her right on refund of the invoice sum. The unaccepted delivery then will automatically be returned to Outdoorbrands. It is not necessary that you inform us about what has happened, but of course we do appreciate that. We shall ensure that your order will be re-delivered as soon as possible.


Can I also pay with Paypal?


Yes, PayPay is listed as one of the payment services in the check-out.


I do represent a foundation / company and would like to order quite a few articles at Outdoorbrands. Can I receive a quotation for this?


Only for companies that are located in the Netherlands we offer the possibility to request for a quotation. If you like to receive a quotation for a subsidiary that is located in the Netherlands, than please contact our customer service.


Why does Outdoorbrands not offer outdoor apparel for children? Might this come in future?


Unfortunately there are no plans for offering outdoor apparel for children in the future. Most of our brands do not have a full clothing line for children.


In the browser address line ‘Epages’ appears regularly, what is this?


Epages is the name of our German E-commerce software provider. Epages offers E-commerce solutions for the Middle and Small-companies all over the world and has Social Media like Twitter and Facebook integrated. Outdoorbrands has chosen for Epages since they are able to offer a proven concept.


I wish to order a tent, sleeping bag or backpack from the brands that Outdoorbrands offer. Could you be of service?


At Outdoorbrands we only offer sustainable outdoor apparel and we carry a small line of high end quality brands. Onfortunately we are not organised in a way to be able to offer tents, sleeping bags etc that may be offered by one of our brands.