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Orders to the United Kingdom


As the U.K. has left the EU single market with a trade deal we can accept orders from the U.K. like we used to do. And although no import duties or tariffs will apply, there will be customs formalities to be performed. Our courier service providers have made preparations for electronic customs clearance processes to prevent (extra) delays at the borders.


So we will accept orders from the U.K. at the same General Terms and Conditions that apply for residents from one of the EU member states, as if the U.K. would be still in the EU single market. That means your 14-days right to withdraw from the purchase, after sales service, guarantee conditions etc will all remain the same.


And what doesn't change is that you still pay VAT up front and we – being an overseas seller - will account for the import VAT with U.K.'s HM Revenue and Customs (also for orders worth more than £135).


Our courier service provider has organised a simplified, electronic procedure to prevent (extra) delay at the border but we will have to provide extra information for customs forms. E.g. U.K. Customs will want to know the exact contents of the parcel, value of the goods, recipient's information etc.


Unfortunately due to the red tape we will be charged with an extra administration fee by our courier service, so postage will be substantial more i.e. € 14,95 .